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Whether it is urban development, expansion or redevelopment - the esthetic and functional qualities of the urban development concept are an important key for both the architectural and economic success of each project with regard to all the planning and concepts created by BrennerPlan GmbH.

We develop our urban planning concepts on the basis of precise investigations and analyses of the context of urban planning. In all these aspects the consideration of the local building structures, the local identity, the green areas and other local peculiarities and specifics play a decisive role in the way we handle projects.

As an engineering company at the interface between urban and traffic planning and with our interdisciplinary approach we offer solutions that equally consider functional and creative qualities.

We support private and public clients in equal measure regarding the implementation of projects and ensure the maximum reliability, planning dependability and adherence to schedules.

Our services:

We gladly provide detailed information about the services we offer. Please contact us.  

BrennerPlan GmbH - Consulting Engineers for Traffic Planning, Traffic Engineering and Urban Design in Stuttgart - is an innovative and efficient engineering company based in Stuttgart with a focus on traffic engineering and urban and environmental planning. We advise contracting authorities and private clients with regard to issues and questions of special and traffic planning on a local, municipal and regional level and combine demanding traffic planning with up-to-date urban development and street space design. With the wide range of engineering and planning services we offer we link urban, environmental and traffic-related planning solutions, and with our interdisciplinary approach we help our clients make their planning projects a success. We would be glad to give you an overview over the range of services we offer and first discuss possible, non-binding approaches and methods. Please feel free to contact us. Ingenieurbüro für Verkehrsplanung
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